Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim, MD

Executive Chairman and Founder,
EPD Solutions

Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim is an entrepreneur in the field of medical technology with a long and successful record of exits. He is co-founder of a number of successful medical device and biomedical companies, covering the fields of cardiology, obesity, diabetes, esthetics and cosmetics, anti-viral medications, deep vein thrombosis prevention, therapy for limb ischemia, and post-stroke and sports injuries rehabilitation. In addition to his significant expertise and experience within the medical device industry, Professor Ben-Haim has also been effective in developing and maximizing the value of his companies. Working with his partners, he oversaw the merger of 12 of the companies he co-founded with leading industry multinationals in deals valued at over $1 billion in total.

Professor Ben-Haim’s invention of the real-time 3D electro-anatomical cardiac mapping system, CARTO, gained worldwide acceptance and became the gold standard in the field of guided catheter-based therapeutic arrhythmia management. CARTO maps, examples of which can be seen at the top of this page, have been extensively showcased in both textbooks and peer-reviewed journals. To date, hundreds of thousands of patients have undergone successful CARTO procedures, resulting in a positive impact on their health.

Professor Ben-Haim’s most notable exit to date was the sale of Biosense to Johnson & Johnson for $427 million, prompting Johnson & Johnson to combine Biosense’s innovative 3D cardiac mapping and navigation technology with the Webster catheter. Biosense-Webster, as the company is known today, has grown to become one of Johnson & Johnson’s leading growth engines and is now the market leader in cardiac navigation and AF ablation. Other notable exits and financing rounds include the sale of X-Technologies to Guidant in 2003, and Hobart’s $124 million financing of five Hobart Group portfolio companies in 2009 under the MedInvest SPV.

With education in the fields of nuclear physics, mathematics, biophysics, philosophy and medicine, Professor Ben-Haim has held faculty appointments as a Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics at Harvard University and the Technion ‒ Israel Institute of Technology. He is the inventor of over 550 patents and patent applications worldwide, including a navigated cardiac catheterization system and an implantable device for treating congestive heart failure. He has held a variety of executive roles and board positions in both start-up medical device companies and leading industry multinationals, serving as Chief Scientist at Johnson & Johnson’s Biosense Webster, and as Executive Chairman of Impulse Dynamics NV, MetaCure Limited, Spectrum Dynamics LLC, Motorika Limited, Core Dynamics Limited, FlowMedic Limited and Goji Ltd.

Professor Ben-Haim’s current focus is on building new business models in healthcare which both improve patient health and reduce government spending. In addition to his activities in the medical device field, he is also an active philanthropist. He is a founding partner of Bridge to the Future, a charitable foundation dedicated to improving health and education in underserved communities, and a partner in Atidim, a philanthropic program committed to lowering social and financial gaps in society.